Jumat, 01 Juli 2016

pang an Online Marketplace Agribusiness

Hi Everyone! I'm back after a really looooong hibernation hehehe. Life is so busy these few years, work, school, social life has taking my time and energy a lot. Sorry for not being an active blogger. I'm still learning on how to manage time and  consistent being a blogger. Salute for everyone who can keep writing in their blog while real life been so crazy.

Anyway, this very first video is a video about business aggregator, an online marketplace for agribusiness. The idea was come from the problem in agribusiness industry. The long supply chain in agribusiness is one of the root cause of poverty in Indonesia. Producer (for example farmer, fisherman) got the smallest profit of all actor in supply chain, where they did the hardest part. Selling price to consumer become higher, lower consumer purchasing power and inflict inflation.

Agribusiness need to shorten its supply chain. It can be shorten by business aggregator. Business aggregator will cut the long supply chain. So there will no middlemen anymore. Producer has an market access to directly sell to consumer through business aggregator. They will get a higher profit while consumer will get a lower price, it's a surplus for both sides. It then raise consumer purchasing power, and hold down inflation. So here it is pang-an apps an online marketplace ffor agribusiness try to solve agribusiness problem. Currently pang-an is still a concept, but my team and I try to develop it and bring pang-an to real life. Hopefully it will help agribusiness producer to raise their quality life, and not only the producer but Indonesian society.

Being a MBA student in agricultural university (Institut Pertanian Bogor; IPB) and someone who work in telecommunication field, I think I have a responsibility to connect agribusiness with digital and telecommunication. As a part of society, I think we have to help our society to be better. It's my motivation to be able to contribute for my society, because #Indonesiabutuhkita.

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