Rabu, 12 Juni 2013


The weather in Bandung has been so hot in the day I took these pictures, sun was shining so bright. And my top and bag just remind me of lime and orange juice hehehe.

I fell in love in the first sight with this orange jelly bag when I saw it in Botani Square Bogor.
 The time I saw this  bag, it feels like, Oh my God I wanna buy one! But I didn't bring enough money that day, so I had to wait for two weeks until I came back to Bogor. I thought that I'll lost the bag, because the last time I saw, it was only three left. Fortunately, when I came back this jelly back still available, and yes I owned one hehehe. So, let's take a look the detail...

Thanks for reading, have a lovely day! :)