Sabtu, 16 November 2013


Hi! How's life? By the way, do you know what is the latest hijab trend? Well, you've probably known this new hijab style because it's everywhere in social media. The Turkish shawl called Ipekevi. Ipek means silk and evi means house. The word Ipekevi means house of silk. It has become a shawl iconic of Turkey and now The Ipekevi has become a trend in Indonesia too. The talented designer Dian Pelangi brought this trend to Indonesia from her Europe trip and this picture you're about too see down below is her design.

The famous blogger, Indah Nada Puspita wore this too

As you can see, a square or long shawl made by silk is worn around face and the rest tucked to the back. It's as simple as that. This kind of hijab style also spotted in Jakarta Fashion Week 2014 runway last month. And not only in silk, this hijab style can also worn with cotton shawl.

I don't know if it still called Ipekevi or not since it's not made by Ipek , but the latest trend shows that the simple hijab style is now in fashion. It's like we go back to the past Indonesian hijab style with a new Turkish touch, what do you think?

image from here, here, here, here, here

Senin, 11 November 2013


HELLO! it's like I've been neglecting this blog forever. I am sorry, I've been so busy to finish my thesis and face the final presentation, and yes it's all done very well Alhamdulillah. Well. I'm not going to tell about my thesis, maybe in another post. Now, I'd like to share about A La Russe Fall 2013 collection.

A La Russe is a fashion brand owned by Anastasia Romantsova, a Russian fashion designer. After Ulyana Sergeenko, Anastasia Romantsova is my favorite Russian designer. Here are some of my favorites of her design

Look at the lace collar, it's really beautiful.

 and the drape techniques

I recently obsessed with maxi skirt, midi and maxi dress and the simple cut clothes that's why I adore her design. This fall collection give an elegant, feminine and sophisticated look yet a perfect silhouette. The colors, delicate fabric just amazing!

image from

Rabu, 10 Juli 2013


I feel like I was so temperamental today. I think I've hurt people's heart. I am truly, deeply, seriously sorry :(. I think I've failed my shaum in this first day in ramadhan :'((

Rabu, 12 Juni 2013


The weather in Bandung has been so hot in the day I took these pictures, sun was shining so bright. And my top and bag just remind me of lime and orange juice hehehe.

I fell in love in the first sight with this orange jelly bag when I saw it in Botani Square Bogor.
 The time I saw this  bag, it feels like, Oh my God I wanna buy one! But I didn't bring enough money that day, so I had to wait for two weeks until I came back to Bogor. I thought that I'll lost the bag, because the last time I saw, it was only three left. Fortunately, when I came back this jelly back still available, and yes I owned one hehehe. So, let's take a look the detail...

Thanks for reading, have a lovely day! :)

Kamis, 30 Mei 2013


As I promised you, I will give pattern of a blouse on my previous post. So here are the pattern!

front side

Back side

The sleeve pattern and its curve. In my case it's 10 cm width and 20 cm length for the curve. But you can adjust the length and the width as your needs. 

attach them with pins

and sew along :)

Jumat, 10 Mei 2013


self made blouse, payless shoes

Hello! how are you doing? Mine is good, I have enough time to make some sewing projects at home. I miss my sewing machine and all the stuffs soo much because it's been a long long time I didn't make anything with them at all.
I'm now working on a blazer and a mini dress. Anyway, this zebra blouse is my sewing project and I plan to give the tutorial or the pattern to make this blouse in the next post.

p.s : sorry for too many pictures hehehe :D


The gorgeous girls at pengajian Hijabers Community Bandung

The Committee