Senin, 11 November 2013


HELLO! it's like I've been neglecting this blog forever. I am sorry, I've been so busy to finish my thesis and face the final presentation, and yes it's all done very well Alhamdulillah. Well. I'm not going to tell about my thesis, maybe in another post. Now, I'd like to share about A La Russe Fall 2013 collection.

A La Russe is a fashion brand owned by Anastasia Romantsova, a Russian fashion designer. After Ulyana Sergeenko, Anastasia Romantsova is my favorite Russian designer. Here are some of my favorites of her design

Look at the lace collar, it's really beautiful.

 and the drape techniques

I recently obsessed with maxi skirt, midi and maxi dress and the simple cut clothes that's why I adore her design. This fall collection give an elegant, feminine and sophisticated look yet a perfect silhouette. The colors, delicate fabric just amazing!

image from

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